Peaceful Connections Therapy
Jennifer Reedy, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, NCC - a therapist in Round Rock, TX specializing in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting.


Our Services

Pregnancy Support


Every pregnancy is different, and every woman experiences pregnancy in her own unique way. It can cause unexpected emotions and old issues to surface, and having someone to help you process them is important. I offer counseling for depression and anxiety during pregnancy, as well as more general counseling and support

If you anticipate needing postpartum support, it’s best to begin meeting during pregnancy. The goal is to connect and start building the therapeutic relationship, making it easier to continue our work together after the baby is born. We can collaborate to identify your risk factors for postpartum mental health issues, and create a plan for your care and support. The plan can include pre-scheduled sessions soon after birth, in your home or in the office.


Postpartum Stress


I provide counseling for perinatal mood disorders, including postpartum depression and anxiety. I can also support you in bonding with your baby, processing your birth story, and adjusting to life with a newborn.

Sometimes there are other issues that make parenting your baby more challenging. Is your baby “colicky,” or seem more intense than other babies? Do they need to be constantly held, and rocked to sleep? Are they having nursing issues, and/or you’re needing to eliminate foods from your diet? All of the above?! I’ve been there, and some of the most rewarding work I’ve done has been with moms of high-needs babies/toddlers/kids.


Connected Parenting

Struggling to Parent Peacefully

Do you find yourself saying the same things your parents said (or using the same tone or body language), even though you told yourself you wouldn’t?

Do you find it hard to connect with your child?

Do you find yourself triggered by behaviors in your child, and you don’t know why?

Do you want to explore the good and bad from your childhood, and decide what to keep and what to change?

Many parents are drawn to attachment parenting in response to the way they were parented. If your parents didn’t give you what you needed as a child, parenting in a peaceful way can be an ongoing struggle. Processing the experiences you had as a child can help free you from the past, so you can build the future you want as a parent.


Complicated relationships with your Parents

Does your relationship with your parents (or partner’s parents) cause you stress?

Does it feel like they have control over your emotions, and push your buttons?

Becoming a parent can intensify or reignite tensions with your own parents. The changing roles, and your new responsibility for your baby’s emotional well-being, can cause a shift in your comfort level with your parents’ behaviors and boundaries (or lack thereof). I can help you explore your relationship with your parents or partner’s parents, with the goal of identifying a plan for moving forward in a healthy way.

Traumatic Birth

The “baby blues” affect up to 80% of new moms, and 15-20% will experience postpartum depression (PPD) or anxiety (PPA).

Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Feeling sad, anxious, or irritable

  • Having disturbances in your appetite or sleep

  • Feeling like you shouldn’t have become a mother

  • Having trouble bonding with your baby

    I encourage you to take the next step. Schedule a free consultation to see if we're a good fit!