Peaceful Connections Therapy
Jennifer Reedy, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, NCC - a therapist in Round Rock, TX specializing in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting.

Pregnancy Support

Prevention and Support

Coping with pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms can be overwhelming. Loss of control of the shape, size, and functioning of your body is a distressing experience for many women. Add to that back pain, swelling, heartburn, kicks to the ribs, “mild” contractions, constant peeing, waking at night, inability to get comfortable, exhaustion, insomnia, shortness of breath…the list could go on and on. Any pregnancy complications just multiply the discomfort. The worst part is that we feel pressure to be glowing, happy, and so thankful for the beautiful miracle we’re carrying. The truth is that for most women, pregnancy is uncomfortable at best, and truly painful at worst. I provide a supportive, judgment-free zone to share all the ups and downs of pregnancy. I understand that you can love your baby and hate being pregnant at the same time.

Planning for Anxiety and/or Depression

While it’s not possible to prevent all cases of mood disorders, identifying risk factors and creating a support plan can help catch early symptoms, before they escalate and become more difficult to treat.  

If you anticipate needing postpartum support, it’s best to begin meeting during pregnancy. The goal is to connect and start building the therapeutic relationship, making it easier to continue our work together after the baby is born. We can collaborate to identify your risk factors for postpartum mental health issues, and create a plan for your care and support. The plan can include pre-scheduled sessions soon after birth, in your home or in the office.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, reach out now to find the support you need!

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