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Jennifer Reedy, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, NCC - a therapist in Round Rock, TX specializing in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting.

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Challenges and Support

 Bonding with your baby

It’s a myth that all parents instantly “fall in love” with their babies. It happens for some, but many (most?) parents need at least a little time to wrap their brains about this intense, life-altering experience they’ve just had. There are many things that can interfere with or delay bonding: a traumatic birth, painful recovery, complications in mother or baby (especially a NICU stay), mental health challenges, breastfeeding difficulties, childhood attachment issues, sleep deprivation, high-needs baby, life stresses, etc. And some parents just naturally take longer to feel connected. If you’re not as bonded to your baby as you’d like to be, we can work together to help facilitate the growth of your attachment to each other.

Processing your birth story

Everyone who’s given birth has a birth story. It’s important to take time to explore your story, whether your birth experience went smoothly, or you experienced a highly traumatic birth (and everything in between). I’m here to listen, and help you put the pieces of your story together to move towards healing.

Adjusting to life with a newborn

No one is truly prepared for what happens when you finally find yourself at home with the new little person you’ve waited so long for. You’re recovering physically and emotionally from birth, and trying to figure out how to balance that with the needs of your baby. Your schedule, identity, roles, responsibilities, and just about everything else in your life has changed, and your old coping skills may not fit with your new life. I can help you sort out the changes, and discover new ways to cope.


Parenting a colicky baby is its own brand of misery. Your baby seems to be suffering, and you feel exhausted, defeated, and powerless to help. From my experience, babies who meet the definition of “colic” usually have a physical/medical reason for crying. Click here for ways to track down things that might be causing your baby’s crying.

High-needs or Spirited babies

Babies who need more are trying to tell us something, and it’s important that we listen. It’s also important to seek out support, because parenting a high-needs baby IS harder than a typical baby. Most people in your life won’t get it, unless they’ve experienced it themselves. This can lead to feeling alone and wondering if it’s somehow your fault. You didn’t cause your baby to need more, but I can help you discover ways to meet your baby’s needs while still taking care of you.

Elimination diet support

If your provider has suggested you try an elimination diet to uncover food sensitivities in your baby, you may feel overwhelmed and lost. I can provide emotional support and help you find practical ways to make it work for you.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, reach out now to find the support you need!

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