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Healthy, Allergy-friendly Restaurants that Deliver

Happy Mother’s Day! Since I’m focused on supporting moms, I thought this would be the perfect day for my first blog post! If you’re trying to conceive, suffered the loss of a pregnancy or child, or are pregnant, you’re all moms, too. You probably won’t receive a card or flowers, but in your heart, you are a mom, and deserve to be acknowledged and cared for today.

So much of the general keeping-everyone-alive work in families is done by women. We’re the ones making sure everyone is bathed, clothed, and fed. Even in egalitarian relationships, the birth of a baby can shift the household responsibilities unevenly onto the shoulders of women. I know there are some families that can evenly distribute the work, and high-five to them! But for most of us, pretty much every night it’s up to us to figure out dinner. Soo…with that in mind, I want to keep moms out of the kitchen tonight! If you have a baby or young kids, going out to eat is probably more stress for you than it is a treat, so I’ve compiled a list of restaurants in our area that deliver healthy food. Some provide delivery, and some use 3rd party delivery services, but they all allow you to stay in your PJ’s all day if that’s your Mother’s Day wish (maybe it’s only me? 😊)

My family has multiple food allergies (gluten being a big one), and I know we’re not alone! All of these restaurants have gluten free and allergy friendly options, and many offer vegetarian and vegan choices.

Salata- [Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Austin] Build-your-own salad and soups. Almost everything is gluten free, and they post ingredients (EVERY ingredient) and allergen info online.

Nancy's Sky Garden – [Round Rock, Georgetown, and coming soon to Cedar Park and Austin] Soups, salads, and build-your-own entrée plates. Pretty much everything is gluten free.

Promise Pizza – [Round Rock and Austin] Pizza, calzones, salads. Organic, gluten free, and vegan cheese options.

The Quinoa Grill – [Round Rock] Peruvian food with lots of gluten free options.

Tarka Indian Kitchen – [Round Rock, Cedar Park, Austin] Indian food, vegan and gluten free options.

Inchin's Bamboo Garden – [ Round Rock]- Asian food, vegan and gluten free options.

Noon Mediterranean – [Round Rock and Austin] Menu includes diet/allergen filter search, including gluten, dairy, vegetarian, vegan, soy, and nut.

Chipotle - [Multiple locations] Burritos, tacos, salads, and kid’s meals. Great allergen info on website (most things are dairy and gluten free).

Jason's Deli – [Multiple locations] Salads, sandwiches, and soup, with lots of gluten free options.

There should be something for everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!